Clam Haven Family Owned and Family Friendly

Warmer weather, buzzing bees, chirping birds, the end of school…all of these things indicate that summer is rapidly approaching, but for the residents of Derry, New Hampshire, a surefire way to declare that winter is officially over is the opening of Clam Haven. Clam Haven has been in the same location in Derry (at the junction of route 28 and the 28 bypass) for Sixty-Two  years, serving loyal customers, out-of-townees, and everyone in between.
Clam Haven is the definition of a family business. It’s run by owner, Rick Metts (an active member of the Derry community), and his daughters: Becky (operations manager), Jamie, Megan, and Beth. The family-friendly atmosphere is just one of the many reasons to eat at Clam Haven. When the weather’s good, it’s ideal for a fun family night out. You’ll love eating dinner in the clubhouse or on one of the picnic benches outside. When the weather’s not as nice, Clam Haven offers takeout so you can enjoy fresh seafood from your own kitchen.
The menu is simultaneously classic and familiar while being diverse enough to satisfy everyone in the family. Whether it’s clams you crave, lobster you love, or scallops you seek, Clam Haven has what you want. Got a hankering for hot dogs? No problem. Clam Haven still has their classic two-dog special, complete with fries and onion rings. There’s also grilled cheese, shrimp, burgers…and lots more! Be sure to check out the menu pages. You’ll be surprised at the quality of food you get for such a reasonable price! It’s hard to imagine fresh, quality seafood without the sticker shock, but that’s what you get at Clam Haven.
After you eat dinner, don’t forget dessert. Clam Haven offers a large variety of hard ice-cream flavors, soft-serve, desserts, sundaes, frappes, and flurries, all with a plethora of topping choices. On a busy night, if you look through the ice-cream counter window, you’ll see several local Pinkerton Academy kids, scurrying around like Elves in Santa’s workshop, making your delicious treats. Clam Haven has long been a favorite place for summer work for high school kids because of it’s fun atmosphere. If you come to Clam Haven on a weeknight, you’ll often see groups of little leaguers, excited to celebrate their win (or mourn their loss) with a nice, big cone from Clam Haven. Clam Haven is—and always has been—a local favorite and summertime staple. You just can’t beat the combination of delicious food, great prices, and fun atmosphere that this family business provides.
So why not try Clam Haven for dinner or dessert tonight? Clam Haven has daily specials Tuesday through Thursday (you can check the website ahead of time if you’d like) and offers a complete range of meal options, from plates (your choice of seafood plus coleslaw, fries and onion rings), to baskets, to sides of your favorites (lobster,fried clams,haddock,clam strips, scallops, shrimp, etc.). Call ahead for pickup, or just come up to the counter. The line at Clam Haven is a great place to catch up with your neighbors as you wait for your food.
Summer is here, Clam Haven is open for the season, and it’s time for dinner!
Erica Kaufman

Red Sox Home Opener

The 2015 Baseball season in underway, Today is the Sox Home Opener, and Clam Haven has you covered with these great Ballpark Specials
4 Hot Dogs,
Medium French Fry,
Medium Onion Ring
Large Chicken Tender,
Medium French Fry,
Medium Onion Ring
Regular or Buffalo
Available during the day of a Red Sox home game, watch for the banner.

Clam Havens Opening Day 2015

Today is opening day, come on down it’s been a hard winter what better than some Hot Fresh Seafood. Clam Havens full menu is available for take out just call 603-434-4679 and your order will be ready when you arrive. Stay tuned for updates during the day.

"The Lady" Chowder
“The Lady” Chowder

94 Rockingham Rd.- Junction Rt 28 & 28 Bypass Derry, N.H.

Little Bump in the Weather

Don’t let the rain get in the way of great meal at a great price. Clam Haven’s full menu is available for take out. Call ahead 603-434-4679  your order will be ready when you arrive. mmmmm


Have you tried the grilled shrimp salad?






Clam Haven has over 30 menu items under $6.00. Fast, Fresh and a good deal for lunch.

World Famous Hot Dog Special